• Acoustics

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    Brise Soleil

    Image: Brise Soleil


    Image: Facades


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    The Mastery of Materials

    For over 30 years, Betsinor has produced glass fibre reinforced concrete panels for outstanding projects. Unique is the Betsinor mark of quality. The product is of the highest standards, that speaks for itself, under permanent supervision within our own laboratory.

    Of equal importance is the team behind this: highly qualified and experienced team members ensure that also engineering, installation and logistics are of a high level.

  • Acoustics

    The Mastery of Materials

    It seems a paradox, but a hard surface material like concrete is excellent for sound reducing applications. Even very thin panels have adequate mass to block sound. Shape and texture contribute to the distortion of sound, bringing great results.

    By perforations in the concrete and sound absorbing materials at the rear, sound can be mouffled als well. In train and subway stations architecture meets functionality

    Image: acoustics

  • Brise Soleil

    The Mastery of Materials

    Sounds much better dan sun blinds. A brise soleil by Betsinor looks better too. Ultra-high performance concrete makes it possible to build extremely thin slats.

    As the material of the slats is the same as that of the cladding, a natural, homogeneous effect is achieved.

    The brise soleil has additional functionality when they can be pivoted. Vivid and functional.

    Image: brise-soleil

  • Facades

    The Mastery of Materials

    You want to design the façade you always have been dreaming of without making concessions.

    With Betsinor Glassfibre reinforced concrete you have full freedom of design in your hands. You can model according to your ideal picture.

    Shape, texture, colour, dimensions - you are in control.

    Image: facades

  • Light

    The Mastery of Materials

    Sun and shadow give a façade with a texture a changing dynamic. Intensity and angle will change permanently. Using this aspect will make your building respond to its environment, it comes to life.

    Image: light

  • Concrete Concept

    A Holistic Approach

    The best possible result can be achieved when all aspects related to the façade are identified and a balanced concept is realized.

    The priority per subject can vary per project. The Betsinor Concrete Concept is a designer’s tool that helps you to realise best possible result.

    Concrete Concept

    Image: Concrete Concept

  • Concrete Concept

    Image: Concrete Concept

    Holistic Approach

    Concrete Concept is a design tool that ensures that the optimum result for the facade can be achieved. The starting points from the design are first mapped out. The outcome is evaluated and subsequently points for improvement are made clear. If these are addressed, you have the best conceivable facade.

  • Environmental

    Low CO2

    Image: Low CO2

    Less Material Use

    Image: Less Material Use

    Low Maintenance

    Image: Low Maintenance

  • Economical

    Singular Molds

    Image: Singular Molds


    Image: Lightweight

    Less Transport

    Image: Less Transport

  • Safety

    A1 Incombustible

    Image: A1 Incombustible

    Earthquake Resistant

    Image: Earthquake Resistant

    Calculated and Tested Performance

    Image: Calculated and Tested Performance

  • Esthetic


    Image: Shape


    Image: Style


    Image: Texture

  • Functionality


    Image: Acoustics

    Brise Soleil

    Image: Brise Soleil


    Image: Communication

  • Efficient

    Large Panels

    Image: Large Panels

    Minimum Substructure

    Image: Minimum Substructure

    Wind and Water Resistant

    Image: Wind and Water Resistant

  • Energy

    Higher Thermal Performance

    Image: Higher Thermal Performance

    Breathing Building

    Image: Breathing Building

    Cooling at Sunheat

    Image: Cooling at Sunheat

  • Complete Freedom

    Image: Complete Freedom


    Complete Freedom

    You want to design the façade you always have been dreaming of without making concessions.

    With Betsinor Glassfibre reinforced concrete you have full freedom of design in your hands. You can model according to your ideal picture.

    Shape, texture, colour, dimensions - you are in control.

  • Freedom

    Might be the best way to describe cladding made from Glassfibre reinforced concrete. As a designer you can go further in exploring new frontiers.

    The versatile production method in combination with the craftsmanship by the Betsinor team can create previously unthought of possibilities.


    Image: Freedom

  • Playing With Light

    Image: Playing With Light

    Playing With Light

    Sun and shadow give a façade with a texture a changing dynamic. Intensity and angle will change permanently. Using this aspect will make your building respond to its environment, it comes to life.

  • Light Details

  • Textures

    There are virtually no limits with Betsinor. As long as we can demould it, you can select any texture.

    Even a texture of just a few millimetres will bring special effects

    You can choose from hundreds of standard patterns. Or design your own texture.

    A small prototype mock-up will ensure the right result. Service!


    Image: Textures

  • Texture Details

  • Concrete Colours

    Image: Concrete Colours


    Concrete is grey or grey. At Betsinor almost every colour is possible. Colour fading is not a problem thanks to the inorganic pigments used. They do not fade. Depending on the raw materials and the quantity of pigments, a wide range of shades can be provided.

  • Colour Detail

  • Case Study

    A landmark building is demolished. The architect wanted to connect the new building to the historic context and got the idea to have the debris of the old building to become part of the texture in the new building’s facade. A small mock up has been made, used to make a elastomere mould. This became the mould used for making the panels. The colour of the concrete has been linked to those of the adjacent buildings in the urban area.

    Case Study

    Image: Case Study

    Case Study

    Image: Case Study

    Case Study

    Image: Case Study

    Case Study

    Image: Case Study

  • Design Tips

    The Details Make The Difference

    Pay close attention to the details of your facade. The specification should include all relevant information, ensuring a method that conforms. We gladly cooperate with you to find the best possible solutions, taking the budget into consideration. There is no compromise in quality.

    Correct Design Detailing

    Image: Correct Design Detailing

  • correct
    Constructive Element Colors

    Image: Constructive Element Colors

    Constructive Element Colors

    Image: Constructive Element Colors

    Distracting Colours

    In some cases, the back construction is visible.

    If the difference between constructive elements and façade becomes too big, they can disrupt the visual image.

    Make sure to include in your specifications and drawings that where the background is visible, it must be colored.

  • correct
    Unequal Joint Widths

    Image: Unequal Joint Widths

    Equal Joint Widths

    Image: Equal Joint Widths

    Joint Widths

    The door of this gas cabinet is covered with a concrete panel.

    The difference in seam width has been created to meet the ventilation requirements of the network operator.

    Detail your designs in such a way that the joint width is the same. And ensure that the sub-frame is painted in a color matching the panels.

  • incorrect
    Classical Corner Piece

    Image: Classical Corner Piece

    Singular Corner Pieces

    Image: Singular Corner Pieces


    The advantage of our fiberglass-reinforced concrete is the possibility to make corner pieces from one part. This emphasizes the monolithic character of concrete.

  • correct
    Sub-Optimal Corner Layout

    Image: Sub-Optimal Corner Layout

    Optimal Coner Layout

    Image: Optimal Coner Layout

    Corner Layouts

    Opt for optimal corner layouts.

  • correct
    Single Piece

    Image: Single Piece

    Finishing Profile

    Image: Finishing Profile

    Texture around the Corner

    Image: Texture around the Corner

    More Corner Possibilities

    Create corners out of a single piece, apply finishing profiles, or continue the surface texture around the corner.

  • incorrect
    Unequal Joint Widths

    Image: Unequal Joint Widths


    Make sure to incorporate every detail.

  • correct
    Correct Design Detailing

    Image: Correct Design Detailing


    And it will show in your design.

  • Technical Specifications

    Concrete as a Building Material

    The Romans have discovered the unique advantages of this material way back. Often we are asked about the properties of our concrete. Well, because it is real concrete, they are the same as any concrete. However, thanks to a better cement to water ratio and the use of polymer, they are superior to regular concrete.

    Concrete Components

    Image: Concrete Components

  • Ventilated Facades

    Image: Ventilated Facades

    Ventilated Façades

    Our panels are commonly used for rainscreen cladding. This type of cladding offers many advantages compared to a more traditional façades. In short, it presents better conditions within the building in combination with a light weight construction. This type of façade is common in countries with a high level of sun radiation and temperatures. In these areas we learn to appreciate its benefits more and more.

  • Safety

    Here Betsinor makes the difference with other manufacturers of Glassfibre reinforced concrete. Our products are tested to withstand all kinds of loads and impact. Our production is under constant supervision by governing bodies. The result is a fully certified product. Betsinor is the only manufacturer of Glassfibre reinforced concrete having CSTB certification, providing reassurance in quality and reliability.


    Image: Safety

  • Certification

    GRCA Membership

    Image: GRCA Membership


    Image: GIREC V - MATIV©

    CSTB Rapport de Classement

    Image: CSTB Rapport de Classement

  • Static Calculations

    Image: Static Calculations

    Static Calculations

    Each project is unique. Dimensions, details, wind loads etc. are important. Our engineering department has the skills and knowledge to find the best result for your project. Exactly right: not too heavy, not to weak. There are no concessions for safety here.

  • Weight

    What is the weight of Glassfibre reinforced concrete?

    Not less than regular concrete: about 2300 kilo per cubic metre. But the advantage is that, thanks to the absence of steel reinforcement, the panel can be very thin. We do not need additional coverage of the reinforcement bars. The amourphos distribution of the fibres does the rest.

    Lightweight GFRC

    Image: Lightweight GFRC

  • Preventable Maintenance

    Image: Preventable Maintenance


    A beautiful facade should keep its looks. Like all facades, our concrete can potentially get stained and age, especially in urban areas.

    Hydrofobisation is a first step in reducing this. In conjunction with a proper design, you can reduce costs of maintenance considerably.

  • St. Nicklas Sculpture

    Image: St. Nicklas Sculpture


    More than just Cladding.

    Simple moulds, no metal reinforcement and extremely high strength are some of the advantages of Glassfibre reinforced concrete. Follow your dreams for other applications also. Table tops, garden furniture, roof caps, retail shops. You bring us the idea, we provide the product.

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